JUN 20 2018

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May 29 2016

Turbo Bugs 2 [FINAL]

Turbo Bugs 2 [FINAL]
Turbo Bugs 2 [FINAL]|22 MB

Visit the world of Turbo Bugs 2 and enjoy a high adrenaline discovery! Shrinking to the size of a bug will let you experience things in a whole new light. Flowers grow tall, danger lurks everywhere, and you're just so well, little. But at least the cherries still taste as sweet! Gather them all and reach every goal to keep going. Run as though your life depends on it in Turbo Bugs 2!

Pump those tiny bug-legs and run as fast as you can
Gather cherries and special treats on your way
Try to stay on the right track far from danger
Keep up that speed, your very life depends on it

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Mar 24 2016

Trackmania® Turbo [FINAL]

Trackmania® Turbo [FINAL]

Release Name: Trackmania.Turbo-CODEX | Size: 3.17 GB
Genre: Massively Multiplayer, Racing | Developer: Nadeo | Publisher: Ubisoft

Dive into the arcade racing universe of TrackMania and discover the ultimate head-spinning experience in TrackMania Turbo. Highly replayable, Trackmania can provide you with a diversified gaming experience by blending arcade-style racing with the perfect track building toolbox: thanks to the revamped and easy to use Trackbuilder, you will be able to design an infinite number of outlandish tracks.

Trackmania® Turbo [FINAL]

* 4 environments for 4 different gameplay experiences: Lagoon Rollercoaster — Defy gravity in a tropical paradise archipelago. International Stadium — Skills and precision are key to master this environment focused on performance. Canyon Drift — Drift your way through this North American grand valley. Dirty Valley — Jump through the hills in an immersive countryside setting.
* Campaign mode: Test your skills, win medals, unlock up to 200 unique tracks in over 5 difficulty levels, and progress in worldwide rankings.
* Double driver: You don’t have to take on the Trackmania challenges alone. Team up with a friend and control one car with two controllers. Beware! Communicate and stay in sync or you’ll crash!
* Trackbuilder: Play with this intuitive toolbox to design your own crazy outlandish tracks or spice up your experience by generating random ones. Save and share your best tracks to challenge other players.
* Systemic music: In Trackmania the music is tied to your racing experience, your own skills create variations of intensity & dramatic drops. The music changes as you pass though checkpoints, trigger drifts or achieve jumps, making every race completely unique.

TRAILER: http://youtu.be/v-wFHOelkcA
HOMEPAGE: http://www.ubisoft.com/en-GB/game/trackmania-turbo/
Oct 16 2015

NASCAR 15 Victory Edition

NASCAR 15 Victory Edition

Release Name: NASCAR.15.Victory.Edition-PLAZA | Size: 2.07 GB
Genre: Racing | Publisher: Dusenberry Martin Racing | Developer: Eutechnyx

Can you taste victory? Get behind the wheel and race against some of the fastest, most talented drivers in the world in NASCAR ’15 Victory Edition. Start as a rookie and create your own NASCAR legacy, or take the wheel from your favorite driver and battle it out against your rivals. Featuring all of the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series™ tracks, NASCAR ’15 Victory Edition has an authentic feel with competitive gameplay.

NASCAR ’15 Victory Edition includes:
* 80+ paint schemes across 45 licensed drivers.
* All game patches and system updates from NASCAR ’15.
* Multiplayer compatibility with up to 16 online players
* Single Race: Here is your chance to take the wheel of any of the 45 licensed drivers in NASCAR ’15 Victory Edition, head to your favorite track and race through the entire weekend experience – practice, qualifying and race day!
* Career Mode: Start as a rookie and become your own NASCAR legend across multiple seasons. Do you have what it takes to make it to The Chase and win it all?
* Official Teams & Tracks: All of the top drivers, teams & tracks; from the high banks of Daytona and Talladega, to the twists & turns of Watkins Glen, and the history of Darlington.
* Plus, a few surprises – we’ll announce these soon!

NASCAR 15 Victory Edition

Homepage: http://www.nascar15.us/index.php

Trailer: http://youtu.be/Ts-gKvnydW4
Oct 06 2015

Penguins Arena: Sedna's World [FINAL]

Penguins Arena: Sedna's World [FINAL]|27 MB
Penguins Arena begins when a penguin legend comes to life in the form of Sedna, the ancient Penguin Goddess. Global warming, melting ice caps, pollution... penguin tribes are endangered. Sedna tells them that there is room for only one tribe, and so the battle begins. Join the snowball fight and drive other tribes into the sea. Penguins Arena is a thrilling and innovative First Penguin Shooter with quick, hectic rounds where the magic of reincarnation, combined with the supernatural ability to return to the game as a ghost, ensures that your character has every chance to change your tribe's fate, even in the afterlife. Save the Penguins, Save the World!

Aug 26 2015

Giana Sisters: Dream Runners!

Giana Sisters: Dream Runners!

Release Name: Giana.Sisters.Dream.Runners-CODEX | Size: 1.34 GB
Genre: Action, Indie, Racing | Developer: Black Forest Games | Publisher: EuroVideo Medien

Race to the finish in Giana Sisters: Dream Runners, a fast-paced, head-to-head platformer for up to four players.

Run and jump, dash and smash, daze and teleport, morph and cannon… oh you get the idea: mess with your opponents!

The game pits up to four players (or AI opponents) against each other in local and online competition, speed-running for the finish in an effort to push each other off the screen with the help of boosters and power-ups.

* Competitive pick-up-and-play platforming game
* Supports a party of up to four simultaneous local & online players
* Be faster than your opponents, push them off the screen and win!
* Use your arsenal of boosters and power-ups to blast your opponents off track
* Nine levels to race, four characters to unlock
* Dual soundtrack: Chris Hülsbeck along with Swedish heavy metal legend Machinae Supremacy

HOMEPAGE: http://store.steampowered.com/app/352900/

Giana Sisters: Dream Runners!
Jul 23 2015

Coffin Dodgers

Coffin Dodgers

Release Name: Coffin.Dodgers-SKIDROW | Size: 853,80 MB
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, Racing | Publisher: Milky Tea Studios | Developer: Milky Tea Studios

Coffin Dodgers sees you take on the role of saving one of seven quirky retirement village residents, each racing for their soul in “pimped up” mobility scooters against none other than the Grim Reaper himself. Our old heroes are armed with a variety of homemade weapons and gadgets to take on anything the Grim Reaper and his Zombie army may throw at them. Can you survive the retirement village?

Players must battle it out against The Grim Reaper and other competitors over a 13 race Championship, where only the most skilled racer will survive. There are 4 distinct areas within the Sunny Pines Retirement Community, each featuring it’s own mini tournament in which your rank against other competitors will ensure you progress to the next stage; however finish bottom of the pile and the Reaper gets to take your soul. The final race takes place over each of the 4 areas in a straight shoot out between you and the Grim Reaper.

As the game progresses the game environment becomes more and more apocalyptic as Grim’s shadow slowly engulfs Sunny Pines. Look out for Grim’s retinue of fiendish friends as they try and halt your progress.

* Race & Battle the Grim Reaper and his army of zombies.
* Save one of the 7 quirky retirement village residents
* Customise and modify your mobility scooter
* Player to player combat & rag doll physics
* 3D open world game environment
* 13 unique race tracks
* Single player Story and Time Trail modes
* Online Multiplayer race mode
* 3D Open world single & online multiplayer game modes
* Local multiplayer versus race mode (2-4 players)
* Full controller & keyboard support
Steam Trading Cards and Achievements

Coffin Dodgers
Jul 23 2015

Monster Truck Destruction-TiNYiSO

Monster Truck Destruction-TiNYiSO

Release Name: Monster.Truck.Destruction-TiNYiSO | Size: 329.6 MB
Genre: Action, Racing | Publisher: ODD Games | Developer: Merge Games

Drive and destroy your way to glory
Your fans are calling out for destruction and you’re going to make sure they get it! Get behind the wheel of one of 30 monster trucks and put it to its limits to destroy everything in sight. Spin your wheels in competitive Drag races or send your ride leaping off jumps and smashing into other cars in Freestyle mode.

Drive 30 different monster trucks including the legendary Bigfoot through drag races that test your handling and freestyle races where destruction and stunts wow the crowds.

Play around with truck physics that cause trucks to bounce, drift, and tire slip realistically. Smash through cars to see the dynamic damage system in action and impressive graphics.

Visit the garage and upgrade your trucks with new new engine, intake, trans, shocks, and exhaust part that radically change your ability to leap further over cars and smash through objects.

Key Features
* Thrilling and destructive gameplay
* Realistic truck physics and a dynamic damage system
* 30+ real monster trucks to choose from such as BIGFOOT ®, USA-1, Rislone, Outback Thunda, Bearfoot, Western Renegade, Black Widow and many more
* Compete on real life tracks as created by the Monster X Tour crew
* Conquer Drag race, Freestyle events and Championships
* Upgrade your trucks as your competition gets harder
* Enjoy the realistic physics, graphics and handling in 16 real world arenas

Monster Truck Destruction-TiNYiSO
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